How to check available disk/storage space on NX4

This is a bit of a hardware/software combination question. How do I check the available internal storage/ “hdd” space on an NX4 console? I’m more used to working with NX Wing rigs, and of course I know how to look at available storage on a Windows computer. But how do I access this on an NX4 (or NX2 for that matter?) Also, I am guessing the NX4 uses a Solid State Drive (based on the fact I have never heard a disk churning away in there…)?

I don’t think there is a way. Its a 256GB SSD drive btw.

What happens when it gets maxed out then?

I actually don’t know. Thats a lot of showfiles,

Well with the show I’m on now, showfile size was at about 250 Mb, and we save an updated version every day. So that’s 1.25 Gb per week. And this console has probably been used this way for a few years now, so I think potentially it could become an issue. I guess I can just go through and manually add up everything I see in the “Save Show” screens.

For now there is no way to see the disc load afaik.