How to get MIDI into NX1?


We recently (November 2023) purchased an NX1 running 4.8 (up-to-date as of this post). One important function for us is to be able to trigger cues via MIDI control (specifically from MultiTracks Playback and/or ProPresenter 7). My issue is that I cannot find how to get MIDI into the NX1 since it has no dedicated ports. I’ve gotten pretty familiar with the ONYX interface (documentation is still my friend), I know lighting and DMX fairly well, and I know a little about MIDI. My only real experience with MIDI is running it over wifi between 2 or 3 computers running either Apple’s built-in MIDI or Bome’s Network Pro.

I feel like I am missing something super simple. What do I need physically to be able to connect the NX1 logically to the network I’m sending MIDI through? And/or what settings do I need to find on the board and/or computer(s) to make this work?

Thanks in advance!!

there is no midi via network option for the nx1 at the moment.

An other options?? External hardware?

we use timecode expert software to translate smpt tc or midi tc to artnet tc on a seperate laptop, the artnet tc can be received by nx1 via network.