How to get Shehds fixtures on 4.2 version of software

Trying to get Shehds fixture Led beam 8x12 RGBW 38 channel fixture on the older platform. was able to build the 9 channels but 38 wont load correctly. tryed to import from laptop but that won’t work either. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Tom

Welcome Tom,

You can request a profile for the older version for a small fee through @Ofer_Brum. Ofer is great and will get you taken care of. Here is a link to his request form.

Virtual Stage - Lighting Design Solutions (

That said, is there a reason you are still using such an old version? I would encourage you to consider updating to the current version as there are a lot of new features. However before you do, you do need to make sure everything in your system will still function as there has been the library change in addition to the reduction of free universes back to 1 and some limited playback restrictions if there is no official control surface attached.

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Thank you @Watson

Tim, you are welcome to PM on Facebook, or directly from the above link

Ofer Brum

Sorry name is Tom big fingers. So what’s my fix for this problem.

I’d recommend filling out the form on the link provided as that will help Ofer with the needed information.