How to import cues into timeline to sync with audio?

I’m running the latest version of MSD 6. I’ve created a number of cues in the 3D Visualizer and added audio to my timeline, however I can’t figure out how to import the cues into the timeline, to sync them with the audio. In ShowDesigner mode, I’ve noticed there is a “Cue List” which allows me to assign durations to my cues and animate from one cue to the next, however there seems to be no timeline; while in the visualizer however, there is a timeline, but no cue list.

Basically what I’m trying to have happen is at some point “A” in the audio track, cue 1 is triggered. Then at some point “B” in the audio, cue 2 is triggered, etc (and I’d like to be able to fade from one cue to the next). Am I missing something, or does this require an external DMX controller?

I apologize if this is a silly question, this is all pretty new to me :slight_smile: Thanks!

Cues can;t be added to timeline, it is something on the wish list.
You have to record a DMX stream and add it to the timeline.

Thanks Paul. Another (possibly silly) follow up question… do I need an external controller/hardware to create a DMX stream? Is this not something that can be done within the MSD software?