How to map a flash button to a midi controller

Sup guys,

just one question:

For example, I have a playback button which turns on all fixtures of a specific type. Now I want to use my midi controller and use this playback button as a flash button.

My current “solution” is to make a midimacro with the GO command and select in the cuelist options of the playbackbutton “release with go”. This sort of works, as long as i press the corresponding button on my Midi controller the Playback is active. The problem is that if a spam the button on my midi controller fast enough it kind of gets stuck.

By that i mean that instead of releasing the cue everytime the button is not pressed, the cue releases the moment I press the button and stays active the rest of the time. It basically gets stuck on the GO poition. (Does this makes sense?). This is obv not that good, it kind of messes up some other cuelists

So my question is, how do I set up a Midimacro and what setting do I need to change to prevent this switch/getting suck from happening so I can just spam my flash buttons?

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But this is like such a basic funtion. We have the possibilty to map midi in Onyx without purchasing other software and I feel like that this is a very good way to utilise midi controllers.

In the Midimacro window there is the option to use the “Flash” functionality. In theory this is what I want but i cant seem to get i to work. Can someone give me a short explanation how to set this up?