How to program/use LED bars with 3 segments?

I’ve got some ADJ MegaBar LED RC lights I wanted to use in their 11 channel configuration - which allows the light to have 3 “segments” individually controllable.
Asked for the fixture profile to be made, and was informed I could use the ADJ MegaBar LED profile with the 11 channels.
I’ve loaded that, but the MegaBar (Main) only gives Intensity, and I have to go to each individual section (Group 1), (Group2), etc to change the color of ONLY that segment.
Is there some way to be able to change ALL 3 of them at once? If I select all of them, the light menu only will let me change 1 segment.
Feels like to program anything with these would be a 20 step process to go to each section and set it, is there a better way? At the moment I can’t use them in a live show as I haven’t programmed anything and I can’t use the whole light, or 2 sections at once, etc.

From Fixture center select all 3 segments and record a new group, combined from these 3 segments aof the fixture. Then You will control all 3 parts in the same time.

Thanks, I think that helps a little.
Seems like a lot of extra steps with programming, but I guess in the end it works.

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