HTML commands as with LJManager?

Are the commands for onyx manager the same as they are for LJManager, so it can be a dropin replacement for lightjockey?

an example in lightjockey is:

Please check the documentation here: Obsidian Control Systems

Thankyou! that was fast , the commands are quite different it seems, but they seem okay.
Its not uncommon with some kind of webinterface. but i have only seen that LJ/onyx and Madrix allows control in this manner, most others like grandMA or similar has a locked webinterface that dont allow this kind of control and flexibility.

However, i have checked around and dont found an answer, i am stressed too (one week left) so… i ask here…

Is the manager included in all the software or limited to a few like osc?
i am thinking of either the usb interface or one of the 4 port arcnet interfaces.

Onyx Manager is completly open without limit to create TouchScreens, commands, macros, etc.
good luck