I have a strange question about patching fixtures.

Im using Onyx for testing fixtures.
Is there a way that i can patch multiple units to the same DMX address? Basically overriding the address conflict?

That isnt making sense, you simply assign the same address to all the fixtures you want to test instead?

I sent you a DM on how we use Onyx and Mpc…

I am not sure if this has been answered but for testing purposes you would unpatch the fixture and patch in the one you want to currently test in to that channel.

Unpatch would just remove any dmx channel attached and patch would get new one assigned. Easiest way to do this is patch in all your fixtures in correct channel mode. Don’t bother with what dmx value it assigns. Then on patch screen with keypad press clear 1 thru however many fixtures you have. This will remove addresses then to patch in light you need to address type the fixture # of the light to be tested then @ and auto should pop up which should be fine but you can always type the address as well here. When you are done clear that fixtures address. You can also set that dmx address to whatever the unit is already set to which will save you some menu time.