I need help and training.

Where can I find someone to come and look at my lighting rig and NX Wing and figure out what the heck is going on with it? I would also like that person to train me. I teach at a high school in Oklahoma. The last time I worked with a lighting board was in 1993 and it was a 2-scene Preset. Since I took over as the teacher here I have been studiously trying to update my lighting skills. Things were fine for awhile–but something happened (God knows what) this summer and I cannot do ANYTHING with my lights. I desperately need to learn this new board in order to teach it to my students–but the only thing I’ve been able to accomplish is to get all of my lights to be ON and I can change intensity with the GM. I did that by loading an old show from when it was working for us. I am really out of my depth here.

Hey there!

Presumably you’re looking for someone local, but if your institution has the budget to bring me in from Montreal, I’d be more than happy to spend a few days with you to get you comfortably set-up and running :slight_smile:

Yes, local would be best. But out of curiosity…what might that cost?

Hi Ami!

Shoot me an email when you have a chance & I’ll be pleased to crunch some numbers for you. You can reach me at rob@robertlynch .com

Where’s your location?

North central Oklahoma, Ponca City , Ok

Well, that is pretty far from me :confused:

Yes, that’s what I thought. Thanks anyway.