Import User defined fixture from MPC

I am having issues with installation of ONYX. So I decide to reset OS first.
But before that, I’d like to backup all my user defined fixtures so that I can import them after I install ONYX. Since MPC already got removed by ONYX installation, what should I do now?
I found the fixture xml file under public document folder, is that the one I need to backup? And how can I restore?

Hello Frank,

Software removement will never delete your User Profile folders…

It can be found here:
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Maxxyz Files\Fixture Library

Simply copy it under the Onyx User Profiles folder. Should be something like (sorry, I’m not on my Onyx PC at the moment)…
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Obsidian Control Systems\Onyx\Fixture Library

Ofer Brum
Fixture Library Support