Importing patch from Capture via CITP

Hi all

I have Onyx and Capture running on the same PC. I am wanting to import my patch from Capture but Im not given the Import option in the Onyx patch window in the Task list, just Patch, Cloning, Swap and RDM.

In Menu>Network>Settings>Interfaces>Ethernet 2 (the correct static port) I have enabled CITP.

In Settings>CITP I have enabled the correct Network Interface.

In Capture, in Tools>Options>Connectivity>CITP>IP Address I have set this to the correct IP Address

Would appreciate any guidance with this.


you need the last beta to make this

Cheers for that. Have downloaded latest beta and saw the import option.


I tried this today on 4.8.1244 but cannot get it to import …

Any suggestions???

This is a bug in 4.8, it was improved in the beta 4.9

Fixed importing fixtures using CITP on non-English systems

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@JockeFjelldal -

  1. Make sure your CITP is enabled and you have the proper IP address. 2) Do you see the “Capture” list in the patch? 3) Are all your “Capture Fixtures” matched with ONYX fixtures?

Hope this helps,


Ah… ok thanks