Install ends in 1720 error


I’ve installed Onyx two months ago and it worked fine.
When starting it today there was an error from Onyx saying it couldn’t find some file.
Didn’t pay too much attention to it but Onyx didn’t start.
Removed Onyx and tried to install it again.
But now there’s 1720 error all the time. Tried the COM+, tried reg additions, tried remove old install…

Anyone got a working solution?
So far I’ve tried everything I could find here but it seems as noone is taking it serious.

If this doesn’t get solved asap I’m moving to MagicQ instead. Onyx’s just been trouble so far…

Suddenly it installs without problem. I’ve tried everything in all posts during the last 5 hours…
Don’t know what combination solved it but it is possible to get it to work.