Install Error 27502. ANY SOLUTIONS?

Hi everybody, Thanks in advance for your help. I have been trying for days to reinstall Onyx on a windows 10 PC, but have run into this error repeatedly
I tried to re-install originally because my old version, (4.2.1045) was just sitting there spinning, and would not start any shows. Not sure but I believe it happened after the latest windows ten update on may 8. I’ve tried to google solutions but nothing has worked so far…also tried a restore of the PC to 5/7, but still get the same error
This is very frustrating. If the SQL server is broken, I don’t know how to fix that.
Same install works on othe pc that has the most recent windows update.
Any help would be appreciated…
obsidian install error|375x500

Could you run the AnyDesk utility and PM me your ID, so I could fix remotely?

Hi Gert, thanks for the reply …I sent the anydesk ID to your elation email address…let me know if you do not see it there

Just tried again…directly from gmail. Is there a different email I should try?