Install problem workaround (with AVG and a managed domain)

Just finally got Onyx working on my previs PC, with much, much help from Matthias. I’d been having serious problems with it (errors included 1923: cannot install system services and 27502: could not connect to SQL server), partly due to domain controls imposed by my employer’s IT department and partly because of AVG (which I don’t have full admin permissions for) not allowing the installer to write certain files. This was the first time I’d had a problem like that; I’m a local admin on my machine and can usually install software easily.

After a lot of work trying to clean up files, grant necessary permissions, etc. and not gaining much ground, Matthias suggested we try a “this user only” install… and surprisingly enough, it worked perfectly on the first try! Since I’m pretty much the only one who uses the computer in question, a single-user installation is fine, and it’s a lot simpler than trying to convince our IT director to create a loophole in our security policy.