Intensity control not an option with venue tetra bar

Sorry if this is a simple question as I am new to onyx but I have (5) venue tetra bars in 26 channel mode and they will go to full intensity when highlighted but when i select my group and try to also select an intensity preset it will not respond. When I open the channel visualization box at the bottom right of the screen it only gives me color faders for rgba and does not give an option for intensity adjustment. I tried increasing the rgba sliders to 100% to represent 100% intensity then tried to record over my “At Full/100%” intensity preset and merge data and that did not work. Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks!

@dantepatt ,

For fixtures that only utilize (additive) colors there are some things to be aware of. For this particular unit, you appear to be utilizing the “pixel” functions for greatest control. So by default on this light, there is no master intensity (per the dmx chart in the owners manual).

The software by default puts additive color attributes at full so that when you use the highlight feature you have visible output. You will then mix the color levels to obtain the brightness and color you want (as you have described). But when programming to presets you will need to adjust the record pop up filters to allow you to save color attributes into an intensity preset. (Again by software design, it protects you for accidentally recording color into intensity without you “intentionally” selecting that filter option.)

So you have a couple options. 1) when you patch the light (or any lights) that have an rgb type profile look for the option to enable the virtual dimmer. This will create an intensity channel for you to use as you are looking for. 2) change the profile of your light from 28 channel mode to 24 channel mode. Looking at the profile this will give you maybe more control when using ONYX as the 28 channel mode is design for the manufacturers controller.

Hope this helps,