Intermittent issue with Timecode reset Macro not firing


I was using the latest beta (1251) for a show last weekend. It was a dance show and I built each number in its own timecode cue list timed from zero. I was using internal timecode.
Each cue list had a move blocking first dark preset cue with a Reset timecode attached, followed by the fist cue of the number as a manual with a start timecode macro. The successive cues then follow timecode. All cuelists were set to release on Go on another cuelist.
I had a couple of instances of the the first preset cue not resetting timecode when startng the cuelist causing later cues in the cue list to be triggered depending on where the timecode was at the time. I couldn’t reproduce on demand (and didn’t have much time to think about it), and most of the time it worked fine.