Internet issue after installing the software

Hi, I am trying to install the software on Windows 11 PC. But after installing the software, I cant access any network on my PC. I checked the Wifi connection and it is stable. Then I dont know what could be the issue. Can anyone please suggest what to do? How to solve the issue? Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Thank you

Which exact file did you install and how?

Its Obsidian .1.5.12.exe and link is Download - Obsidian

Actually I was not getting the internet due to not installing the software. It was the Chrome issue. Yeas after not getting the internet in Chrome, I checked the internet in another browser and strange it was working. Then I thought there was something wrong in Chrome.

So I searched on Google and found some post like this one. This article showed how to allow Chrome for accessing the network and after following the entire article, the problem got solved. I can easily access the internet.

Anyway, I would like to know the best feature of the software and what is the latest update. Can anyone please discuss about these?

This forum is for a different product, we can’t help you unfortunately.

You have to visit their support resources.

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