Intimidator spot 350 2d pan incorrect

Hey guys, got an issue with how the pan angel is displaying in the 2d plan.
I have a Chauvet intimidator spot 350 sitting on the floor in front of me with the display facing me, when I adjust the tilt, the fixture tilts down to face the wall to my left but in the 2d plan it shows the fixture facing directly at me. I also have Capture running which also shows the fixture facing directly at me, it seems both capture and the 2d plan and 90 degrees out of sync.
I also recently used Capture to program a show before heading to the venue and found all of my pan settings to be 90 degrees out from where I had programmed them.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


Is your fixture have 630/540/180° pan setting (in the fixture menu)?

Maybe it comes from here?

It has a pan range of 540° but there is no option to change this

So in Onyx, just rotate to fixture 90°.

For capture contact their support to request a fixture update :slight_smile:

Same problem with the Chauvet Intimidator 250. I had to do some rotating 90 degrees then flip horizonal or something like that to get them to work correctly.