Is anyone here utilizing Onyx to control programmable LED Strips?

WLED is pretty awesome running on a tiny ESP32 or ESP8266 micro-processor.

Since the LED strips are programmable, each individual LED becomes an address in the universe just like any other fixture.

So, the LED strip with RGBW uses 4 channels per LED light. If you have 10 meters of LED strips, that makes for a ton of LED which would chew through channels in a universe pretty quickly.

What’s the alternative to programming LED strips? Or is there one?

While I don’t have masses of addressable LED strips I am slowly building up some. Last night (New Years Eve) I did a small light show from home and ran 10 X 1m strips and 5 X 2m strips - with 60 LED/m

I only use Onyx and Dylos to control the strips. My LED’s are 3 channels each. So yes, it does use plenty channels . Used 3600 channels for my little set up.

I use sACN to send the sDMX universes to an ENTTEC mini-Pixelator and then use ENTTEC P-link injectors to conect to the strips.

Some of the programming I do directly in Onyx, but am also using Dylos with more and more success every time.

Hope this helps in some way