Is DMX input possible via a NX DMX without a live key license?

Hey! Hopefully this makes sense. I’ve got a very low budget for upcoming school concert and was hoping to output the free universe via a NX DMX and receive input from an obey40 using the other port on the nx dmx. Would this possible or do I need a “live” license to receive input from a usb device? If not could I receive input from artnet through the Ethernet port on pc?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Yes, it works. I did a small show on NX DMX and a fader desk mapped to some cues to extend the small pc with touchscreen only setup.

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Awesome! Thanks Mike!


additional question; can I use the NX-dmx on one port to control 1024 channels and still use the other port as dmx-in?
Because it unlocks 4 universes but only has 2 ports my hope was this should be possible?


Each port can handle only 1 universe (512 channels) at the time.
This is not only on onyx, but on all DMX controllers or dongles.
If You want to use 4 universes, I would suggest adding a 4 port ArtNet/sACN node like EP4/EN4.
Then Your USB dongle (NX-DMX) can handle 2 inputs, and the Node will handle the outputs.

Thanks Mike! Will any Art-Net node work? I then only would need a single channel.

I think any Node will be fine, but Netron is definitely recommended.