Is it not possible to export cues from one computer and import on another?

I can’t figure out how, if it’s possible, to export cues and cue lists so they can be imported into a live production machine without saving the show and opening it on the other computer, which isn’t going to work because the cues need to be added to the other computer’s list of cue lists.

There’s an “Import CSV” button in the toolbar of the cuelist view but I have no idea what it’s expecting to import.

There is currently no import/export function in Onyx for show data.

I noticed the Import CSV button in the cuelist directory as well and wondered why it’s there and what it’s used for. Unless it’s half of a feature for a future update, I don’t see any point in an import without an export. I would love that functionality, though! Having a cuelist export to a CSV would help me a ton in what I do. The only export I could find in Onyx is to an XML deep in the report menu.

It’s for importing Reaper files

hello, how is the exact format of the csv file, just
for non reaper user.
so we think we can produce our timecode lists for this in exel?



??? please, is that a problem ?? ?

Please check Reaper resources or documentation: we currently only support importing regions and markers as generated by Reaper

so please, can anybody give us a example file of a reaper generated csv file which works with onyx import? we can not find a public one!