Is it possible for the flash to trigger a cue

Does anyone know if it’s possible to trigger a cue with the flash function?

For example: We have a guy on a motorcycle, we’re doing a process, and I need to send some streetlights over him on either side. They need to be random and at different speeds for an undetermined amount of time. On another board, I’d cue up my chases with their colors, assign them to different faders, and flash the executors at will. When I let go of flash the cue stops and resets. Is that possible here or do we have a workaround?

Change the assignment of a button to
Down = Flash +Go
Up = Release

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Flash + go!!! Thank you very much.

It works for the majority of the time, but sometimes if I jump from one flash to another, or even hit the same flash 2 times, it looks like the chase is just finishing, rather than starting from the 1st unit.

Try to set your release time to 1 or 0s.

It’s at 0. It’s not a release thing - it’ll release just fine, but it seems 1 out of 5 times it won’t start at the beginning, it wants to finish were I released it.

there is an option for that as well to force it to start always at 1 or to remember the last cue

apologies, it looks like it’s happening everytime, not 1 out of 5 - if I rapidly press the flash, it shows the chase is still continuing, not resetting.
I have reset to 1st cue enabled, I’ve also tried release on next go to no avail.