Is it possible to create fixture own substitution in MSD?

I know that M-PC and MSD have separate fixture libraries.
In M-PC there is Fixture Library Editor which you can use to create the new fixture file/profile according to real channel’s parameters for fixture you have.
You can use RD MPC-Tools to find channels attachement similiar to fixture you have.
My question is? How to join all this knowlage to create new fixture profile for MSD?
Is it possible to create DIY own profile as even very simple substitute for using it in MSD.
I understand you can ask directly to Martin for professional fixture profile as request,
but if someone need to create very quick = urgent own new substitute profile, not necessary
very precise in gobo, photometric etc.
I mean only general P/T movement, colour mixing /as you can do it in Fixture Library Editor in M-PC/ is needed. For example to choose head shape: small/middle/large + attach needed function to channels.
Is it possible to do it any way by myself?

Simple answer: Nope

MSD profiles can only be requested via Profile Request service:

OK, I understand :slight_smile:
I mean… :frowning: :wink:
So it will be important software feature in the future software development, I think.
It should be ready to create not very comprehensive and precise fixture behavour,
but kind of quick substitute for urgent situations.
My idea (dream) is “creator” in which we can assign (for example) as options /e.g/:

  1. head type: wash or spot or beam /as typical shape for screen view/
  2. head size: small or midium or large /also for approximate reality on screen view/
  3. and basic channel assignments:
  • P/T 8 or 16 bit
  • intensity
  • colour channels
  • strobe
    e.t.c some typical and common functions
    and after creation such fixture profile saving it under user name of course :wink:

I wanted to find similiar spot library profiles in M-series and in MSD software according to fixtures I use. In the case of simple LED PAR or one channel dimmed halogen PAR it was quite easy and results are acceptable, but finding coherent channel profiles for spots is impossible :frowning:
I didn’t expect before, that procedure to achieve simulation in MSD for fixtures I use, is so complicated! So I think the only solution is to wait for new fixture’s profiles by request like Ofer suggested.

MSD Fixtures Support send me today files as answer for my request yesterday!
Only some hours I’ve waited :slight_smile: