Is it Possible to do a Colour Gradient?

Any way to do a Colour Gradient across a large group of LED bars (RGB)?

Any and all Suggestions would be great!

(BTW this is across multiple fixtures in a row)


Yes using the Fanning
select the lights you want in the order you want, then go to color and play with the fanning.
Lets take dark red to light red as example on a simple RGB light fixture ID 1 - 10
select fixture 1-10
set red to 50%
go to fanning on the fanning window pull up the left side
you now will have fixture 1 at 100% red and fixture 10 at 0%

Playing with this tool and the other colors you can do some cool stuff. I have done some nice sunrise with 50 ft. of Colour Chorus by doing this. It does take some time and practices

good luck

Many thanks, seems alot easier than i thought.


To add to that…as you can see from the fanning window you can do 2 point and 3 point curves. This allows you to select your fixtures and then change the start and ending values as well as a different middle value and offset (if you want).

However, what’s also possible, is to use the command line and “fan” the attributes over additional “points”.

For example…take Fixture IDs 1 - 10. Select them and put them at 100% Intensity. Now select the green color attribute and set it at 0%.

At this point you should have some form of pink / magenta (red and blue at 100%).

Now using the keypad and the command line type @ 100 thru 25 thru 75 thru 0. (It should display as “SET SELECTION CHANNEL @ 100>25>75>0”) and select the red attribute. Next using the command line type 0 thru 75 thru 25 thru 100, (SET SELECTION CHANNEL @ 0>75>25>100) and select the blue attribute.

You should now see some form of the gradient Red to Purple to Magenta to Pink to Blue (Give or take and provided my memory recalls correctly :wink:).

As @matt indicated, you can do some pretty neat things with it. Have fun!

Hope this helps,