Is Martin Maxxyz Console supportet by Onyx?

I have a problem.

According to the Onyx website, original Martin hardware from the Maxxyz Console is supported by Onyx. But with my Maxxyz Console, the DMX Output Module is not recognized in Onyx. This also does not activate the Nova license.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this? I’ve already tried firmware updates but that didn’t work.

I need urgent help.

Support for the Maxxyz Console series (and the internal key) was removed a long time ago. Maybe even by Martin before the transfer to Obsidian. The origianl hardware they are referring to would be like the M1-HD, M2Go-HD, M6 (with Upgrade kit) and some of the USB devices.

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Here is the list of the current “Original Marting Hardware” that is still supported.

Onyx Licenses (