is there a EASY way to endless tilt illusions?

for example, a row of 12 movingheads,
a group of them, every second one
should move slowly from 0 tilt to full tilt, and fade out at the ĺast second of move,
at the same moment should start the second group with tilting up the same way the others do bevor.
and next the first group tilt to start again in 0 intensity to dimm to full at the first moments of moving up again.
so definitly there are some ways to do, we know.
but is there an easy, fast way to do it?



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Hey Deflost,

Maybe take a look at this video (also in the FAQ section). Seems pretty fast to me.

Hope this helps,


Such fx will be easy to do with DYLOS and two presets in the next release.

please give us a video tutorial about the new dylos 2preset feature, and all the citp stuff to get the patch and 2d plan from capture.



Go to Facebook grupo, I hace videos about this

hello. thank you.
but we use no fb.


maybe you can post the links here?