Is there a features roadmap?

The work being done on Dylos is really amazing, it’s surely the best pixel generator/mapper integrated into any lighting console software. It’s fantastic work and is going to change the way many program lights.

Also think Onyx has the best interface of any of the major offerings out there.

Onyx Manager is a big plus too for some, although limited in terms of the Onyx features natively open to it.

With all of these great features It’s concerning that some basics are still missing, pushing people to move to or fall back on other software, like GrandMA or ETC.

It’s features like:-

  • a complete command line interface, one that lets you do everything without having to fall back on clicking gui elements to populate the command line.

  • True Macro support for all functions, so you can shape the software to whatever your needs are, and automate repetitive tasks.

  • Remote access to all functions via OSC, Midi, or some other means. Only open if you have the Onyx licensing to access it, but if you do have the Onyx hardware to unlock this option, then it should allow you comprehensive access to all features.

It’s these things, along with other basics such as show merge, automatic preset/group creation, fader assignment for global rates, BPM mapping for effects, etc., that leaves Onyx feeling a little underpowered compared to industry forerunners.

I know the focus is currently on Dylos, but are any of the features mentioned above anywhere on the roadmap?

If they are, a very basic timeline would be extremely helpful.

Failing that, a general list of priorities would a least give an indication of what was on the horizon.

Onyx is a fantastic system, but with a few additions it would be the best.


We do not plan to provide a public development roadmap or timeline.

Certainly we are aware of the wishes and requests and the team will give all them careful consideration, but there are also other ideas how to approach required features that are different than other consoles. This is not something we will discuss necessarily in a public forum.
There is a lot more development than Dylos being done, but its not something we will share until the features are completed. We do know what you are all asking for, but it will take time to add these items, and some we may decide against in ONYX or find a different way. Some will come sooner, some may take a long time. We can not committ to specific timelines or even orders of how these features or improvements will be added.
After the next release I may offer some broader outlook of how we will evolve ONYX.

Thanks for understanding.