Is there a full list of all OSC commands available?

Now since the latest update the OSC function seems to be more close than previously advertised.

Therefore my question is: Is there any other way than to crossreference touchOSC to know all the different commands for Onyx?

I heavily relied on OSC in the previous version, then another question comes to mind. What is the cheapest way to unlock OSC?

Hi ZimeX I have the same problem as you. I would like to know the value of OSC commands in onix but it seems an impossible mission, the network appears very little.
anyway check out this link

If you were kind enough to send me the templates you have for onix or mpc, I would appreciate it because I try to access the onix box and I can’t.
My email is

Spent some time last night hacking thru the values sent from Onyx via a refresh and cross referencing with the TOuchOSC layouts. BY no means complete.

Google Sheet with listings

you are awesome, THANK YOU. I’m building an auto beat sync between Beyond Lasers and Onyx, and this was the key to it :slight_smile: