ISO DMX Dongle


I have LJ2 from Martin when they were around I need to replace the dongle part 90702055. I really do not want to “Upgrade” to MPC since this works fine and the XP desktop it is running on runs beautifully. Looking online all I am finding are Chinese copies. This maybe a futile effort but I thought I asked the community here. Thanks

I wasn’t able to find anything for a reasonable price (cheapest was about $180, but that’s the wedge style dongle that was discontinued in 2004) - What happened to the dongle? Maybe it just needs some solder :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking. I found the wedge style on ebay in Florida got the guy to take $115 for it. I believe the issue on the current one was a soldier but someone thinking they knew what they were doing got to it first so now it’s really just junk. Much appreciate your help and efforts.


I found a wedge style Dongle Part #90702040, which works on this 20 plus year old XP machine but I am curious to know if anyone has tried or has had any luck trying to update this device to support Windows 7. Is it possible to do on this style on Dongle? The I.T. Guy in me sees this as not hard if you can update the firmware or flash it to allow for the coding changes from XP to 7. I wish I knew how but my career has been mostly the wire side of things I never got into code and coding. Just wondering if anyone has tried it

We have both the newer m-dmx boxes & the older wedge boxes similar to you & can confirm that they all work perfectly fine on windows 7 & 10 without having to flash any updated firmware.
I was dubious about it at the time as we couldn’t afford for it to not work but the company had made it a goal to update all the pc systems at the time.
USB connection occasionally drops out but a quick LJ restart picks it up again with no further issues.

Can you tell me how you did it or what driver to use because I cannot get Windows 7 to see the device as anything but an unknown device. Any help is much appreciated.