issue with nx2

Hello, I have a problem, on my nx2 I have been working with version 4.8.1244 for a long time, today when I had free time I decided to update it starting with version 4.9.1252, the OS and the Onyx software have been completely installed After starting the software and using it for a while, I turned off the console and when I turned it on again since then it only tries to start and restarts when the onyx software is loading and sometimes before while loading the OS. The first thing I did thinking that something had been corrupted was to reinstall version 4.9.1252, obtaining the same result. I thought about downloading it again from the website but the installation gave me the same problem. I downloaded the ONYX OS 4.8.1244 version (April 17, 2023) from the obsidian page but the console doesn’t let me install it, it’s like it wouldn’t allow me to do a downgrade. could you help me?
In one of many attempts the console started the ony software and I was able to upgrade the Bios with the NX_BIOS tool but I have not obtained any results.

EDIT: I plug usb keyboard presing delete key at start console it start, i think is not hardware issue. hope somebody can help me.

Solved: BIOS baterry less than 3v. Battery CR2030.

After 4 hour working it beggins with same problem continue rebooting any idea??