Issue with pan/tilt with rotate fixtures

Hi all

I have a rig that has 2 sharpy plus fixtures sitting on truss uprights and another 2 rigged 90 degrees of vertical trusses:

I have swapped pan & tilt in the patch for the outrigged fixtures and have reversed pan & tilts so that they all move correctly. The problem is when I select all fixtures and try to pan or tilt them together - the outrigged fixtures fly off and reset into another direction - as shown here:

No amount of changing pan/tilt in the patch fixes the problem. Would love to know how I can just select the fixtures and have them move together.

Cheers in advance

Solved the issue - I was using a mouse to alter parameters - rather than encoders


Okay this makes sense now. At first it sounded like Pan/tilt invert / offset correction. But what you are probably experiencing is relative position movement vs absolute. Encoders are relative and the “belts” (depending on where you are clicking or scrolling) can be either absolute or relative. The majority of the belt is absolute (if I recall correctly), but that can also be changed. Here is a link to the manual briefly describing how it works. You can scroll down or search for absolute or relative.“absolute”&rhsearch=Absolute

Hope this helps,



Cheers for that. Changing the relative/absolute setting didnt solve the issue in this case. It was the mouse clicking on the P or T belt that was doing it.