Issues with Import CSV

Hello !

I try to create some cue based on marker in reaper.
I put some marker in reaper, export them as csv.
In onyx, I use the import csv feature, but I got a error as you can see in the gif.

Onyx version is 4.4.1192 and reaper is v6.04.

test_regions_markers.csv (59 Bytes)

Exporting Reaper Regions and Markers to a csv file

  1. Ensure the Reaper project timeline is set to Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames (this can be set by right clicking on the timeline area of the Reaper application)
  2. Open the Marker/Region Manager Window in Reaper
  3. Look at the top right hand corner of the Marker/Region Manager Window and ensure the “marker” and “region” options are both checked
  4. Right click inside the Marker/Region Manager window and select “Export regions/markers…”

It seems my way to change the project timeline wasn’t the good one. Now I got a csv in H:M:S:F.
I can import it without any error, but I don’t have no more cue in my selected cuelist.
If I use import without any culist selected, i don’t see any change too.

After you import cvs file, onyx create a new timecode cuelist in cuelist directory, no merge

I don’t have any new cuelist.
See gif below.

the arrow indicate that you can page down further.

I check many times, I didn’t find new cuelist. I changed the cuelist directory cue mode to check.
I also try with a empty onyx showfile.


I found what is your problem

Before make the markerts, you need to create a region, select all timecode line in reaper, and make a regions, and after you can make Markets

if you dont have a regions onyx cant create a cuelist

Regions = Cuelist
Markets = Cue

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_regions_markers.csv (244 Bytes)

Test with this

Thank you for your help.
It’s a great feature to use region as new cuelist. This will really help to quickly program songs.