it is time for dylos live input( ndi/ spout)?

hello, release is out, something works, other things will comes hopfully soon.
so what is about live video input for dylos and beat detection via audio input for everthing?!
that is what we love to see soon.



Oh yes, That would be simply amazing. Finally having some sort of a beat engine to properly work with cues and cuelists

hello, and what do you all think about the live video input for dylos?


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Although live input seems like a great feature to have and I do see its uses in things like live shows and IMAG, I don’t quite see onyx entering the vj market just yet. Resolume is a great tool for utilizing live input and modifying it to stylistically match your scene in Onyx. In that way I do see Resolume is complimenting Onyx.
Of course, if you were to start in Resolume and adapt Onyx to the looks generated in Resolume, live input would be a great feature.

I could also see that resolume could be used to properly map dylos in the way that dylos was designed and extend the features of dylos by making custom mapped zones across the whole output display that can be mapped to fixtures.
Thinking of big stages like UMF and Tomorrowland with big videowall installations and lights in between them, this could be a great extension. But at the same time, this would render the Dylos engine obsolete.
In fact, we would probably be using after effects more often than the actual functions within the console.

But yes, you could make cool stuff with live inputs.
Looking forward to more opinions!