Just Purchased a NX Wing // Missing SMPTE PARTS TIME RANGE?

I’m sorry to bother the forum I was wondering if there was a decent time estimate on how long it takes obsidian to send out the missing SMPTE part for my NX WING I just purchased … I’m not impatient just wanted to know around how long is a normal time range for this as I was unaware by the selling party of this issue with manufacturing supply chain …

We are supposed to get the required part in February, which would put these to be available some time in April.

I’m missing the smpte parts from my m2go , where can you order the smpte parts? if you don’t mine me asking.

where are you located?

Minnesota US

me too :slight_smile: where is this M2GO being used?

All M-Series service was moved to Monkeywrench in Minneapolis, and they have all parts now.
Call them and ask if they have the M-Series timecode pcb in their stock.
Monkey Wrench Productions

cool, I know those guys well. thank you so much. been really wanting to do some timecode projects.

it says they are supposed to send me the parts. how much do you have the parts for?

Could take till June 2023. The chip is simply not available worldwide with delivery times exceeding one year.

I just recieved my nx wing tried to register for the timecode parts but the web page doesnt exist HTML Meta Tag


I just clicked on the link in your post and it took me straight to the website form. Maybe try again? Do you have any third party “blocker” settings that might be preventing you from getting to the form?