Keypad in Sidebar

Hi ,

Is it possible to add the KeyPad to the sidebar as a pop up ? I can get the keyboard to pop up/overlay my view by assigning it to the sidebar through “General” and then “Keyboard” .

Thanks ,

Hi Tom,

i am having the same problem, but i have found this, try and click the keypad in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. when you press it the key Pad will pop up.

Thanks Jason

Hey Jason ,

Thanks for the reply .

I have been using that button and the keyboard button next to it , I would like the convenience of having them both in the side bar . I was hoping there was a way I missed in the software that would allow me to have both in the saved workspace/sidebar .


Hey Tom,

try set it as a Function Key, that will make it pop up in any view you are in.