Laggy output?

I’m using ONYX and a DMXKing eDMX2 PRO over artnet. I notice that if an FX goes too fast lights start to skip some output. I tried to use QLC+ on the same setup and I encounter the same problem in higher frequencies.

Like in ONYX if I set a dimmer FX on 240 bpm the lights start skipping the 4th beat, on QLC+ the skipping starts at 360 bpm.

Any clue to solve this? Thanks

what kind of fixture are you testing with? Is it a real fixture (LED or mechanical shutter/dimmer) or are you testing on a visualizer via DMX? What version of the software are you using?


Hi, thank you for you interest. I tested with real fixtures (LED, Sagitter Slimpar 18 and some BeamZ LED bars) and I use V4.2.1045.0. Same problem with a HP AIO and a Surface Pro 4.

Try a different output device. Seems its skipping packages and can’t keep up.