Laptop num key + command line

Laptop with numkey (above keyboard, not numeric keypad right side). command line doesn’t work properly. If I plug USB keyboard with keypad it works perfect .
Should I change something in the widows settings?


Hello, the numpad is something completely different than the keyboard number.

Command line receive only number from numpad. Nothing else to do, sorry.

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While I understand that this is the way it currently works, I find it to be an annoying behaviour/quirk of Onyx. It confused and frustrated me when I was learning. Still catches me at times, and makes operation from a touchscreen laptop without an external USB keyboard not a nice experience. From a User’s perspective any numerical input should be accepted by the Command Line in my opinion.

This got me again today when attempting to set cue FOLLOW time with decimal point (specifically FOLLOW 0.2sec). The decimal point on the “>” key doesn’t work. Pain in the …

To add to this any action command that opens a pop up open. e.g
EDIT CUE, COPY CUE, LOAD CUE etc makes the command line loose focus and subsequently unable to to enter values via keypad.

An example would be editing cue 21 : (CTRL ) E (CRTL) Q 21

This should be working correctly in Release 4.4

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