LATEST 4.6.1220

Not sure if this was a fluke or what but I expanded/enlarged my programmer window to see some details on the screen and when I went to restore-down to the normal window size it would not restore down. I tried both the trackball and the touch screen on my M1HD and the programmer window was locked/frozen in its expanded state. I could bring up other windows on top of it such as the system settings/menu but nothing would exit the full size window screen and the blue expand window screen kept flashing.

I finally had to reboot the console to get the main internal screen back to normal operation.

Just PM it to me here on the forum

I want to use mask to keep fixtures inside the zone to be affected by Dylos. I’m able to use mask with generator and a user pallette. But when I change the mapping to 2 preset mode the mask doesn’t work.

is this a bug? I would assume that, since the generator is applying one color of the pallete to the white part of it and the second color to the black part (which it is how 2 preset works) , 2 preset mode would work the same with the mask