License bug.

I has happened a few times in the year on my laptop, WITHOUT any hardware connected. When I launch the software and load a show file (3 universes), it doesn’t let me see anything on 2D plan, neither playback nor programmer. Then I load another show file (1 universe), and the same thing happens. In both cases I looked at the Patch screen, and there was a message in orange on the left panel (I forgot to printscreen), saying that I was exceeding the number of universes and an orange padlock icon on every fixture, which is nonsense.

The problem goes away restarting the software.

I don’t always carry my controller everywhere, and I find very useful to be able to do programming in a coffee shop or anywhere else. Please always keep this functionality.


Can you please mention what software version you are running? I guess you also don’t use any license then right? It’s just for remote programming without actually sending out DMX?


I’m using 4.2.1045.0; and yes, when that happens there is not a single piece of hardware connected. At my shows I usually connect one M-Touch, one M-Play and a Duo DMX gray box, and it works great.

My laptop is a Dell Precision M6800, Core i7 2.8 GHz, 32 GB RAM, Windows 10 1809, always fully updated.