Lightjockey 2 + Console DMX In Random Flicker


I have noticed that when using the older Dark Grey Martin Universal USB DMX devices with DMX In get random flicker where a flash of colour opposite to one selected occurs. i.e. LED Par Blue LEDs on get a random flash of green. The problem is identical to this thread in old forums…,jockey,+,lighting,console,=,problem

My Universal USB device looks as pictured

Checking the firmware confirms it is a rev A and is running V1.08.

In the historical thread Paul Pelletier said…

“From the label, you have Rev A hardware. This is the first series made in 2005 or 2006… The DMX-In on this hardware can cause some issue once a while as you have seen, The Rev B hardware and the latest firmware improved the DMX-In a lot.”

What I am wondering is if I were to update the firmware from current: (F028) Universal USB-DMX RevA (V1.08).b6

to: (F0A8) Universal USB-DMX RevB (V2.12).C2 or (F0A8) Universal USB-DMX RevB (V3.42) USB.C2

would this fix the flicker problem.

I wanted to check first as last thing I want to do is brick my martin Universal USB.

The flicker problem does not occur with DMX In using Martin M-PC 3.60.

Help much appreciated…,

There were never any additional update made to Rev A, the memory being too small to add any code.

And yes trying to use the Rev B firmware on Rev A hardware will most likely brick the hardware.

OK thanks for confirming Paul.

Will leave my Universal USB with firmware as is.