Lightjockey 2 VS M-PC

Hi, I am new to this forum and hope you can help on some simple questions.
I am setting up a small stage with 30 lighting fixtures(14 moving heads, 12 Led Par, 2 smoke, 2 laser). After searching around I got a little bit confused between Lightjockey 2 and M-PC. Are they 2 different software? In my case, what is the most cost effective solution of controlling those lights in 1 universe?


Welcome to M-Series. To help clarify, Lightjockey 2 and M-PC are two different software packages that use the same USB to DMX hardware.

From your brief description, I would recommend using M-PC. That software line is moving forward (soon to be apart of the Obsidian Control System, if I understand correctly) and supported by Elation Lighting’s controller division.

Currently from M-PC, you can control up to 4 universes free (depending on your hardware to output DMX). Some options for you…
M-Touch (1 universe) playback and some programming controls
M-Play (1 universe) playback and “assignable” button controls
M-DMX (USB to DMX “dongle” for up to two universes) - Cheapest, but no physical control hardware.
E-node4 (sACN or art-net to DMX for up to 4 universes)

There is also other “sACN to DMX” third party hardware for up to 4 univesres available.

No matter the hardware, you can definitely download the software free from the Elation Controller Support Website ( and start trying it out. You can setup your show, make some cues and start learning what works best for you.

Hope this helps,


Hi I was thinking of moving from Light jockey to MPC but i sync mp3 tracks to lighting cues and was dismayed to find MPC cant do this without buying additional software like Time lord. If i am wrong i apologise but when i enquired about this i was told if i wanted to get accurate cues while playing an mp3 music file i should stick with LJ2. So now my dilemma is LJ2? MPC?? or AVO Titan mobile (which does support various time codes for audio cues)
IF anyone has the latest on this subject i would lovde to get an update.

TimeLord is amazing, worth every cent! MTC timecode is where it’s at, and obviously Onyx (MPC) is the best option for functionality, and price per universe in my opinion

Thanks for the vote of confidence Timelotd does look good.
I’m totally confused by the changes in ownership etc and relationships, I didn’t realise MPC is now called Onyx? Was taken over by Elation but now supported by Obsidiancontrol? Can someone simplify who does what. I’m looking to buy into MPC/ Onyx? But who sells it and more importantly who supports it ie fixture lists etc. I’m sure I’m not the only person confused by all this :weary:


From what I understand…

M-PC was by Martin Controllers / M-Series Controllers (the controller division) of Martin Professional. Which later became Marin by Harman (when Harman bought Martin) and is now Martin by Harman - A Samsung Company (when Samsung bought Harman).

After @Matthias started working at Elation, he helped Elation acquire the controller division (and the development team) of Martin Professional. In the acquisition was requirements to re-brand the product line. This is why there are new names for new software releases and products, but why it also still runs on certain M-Series components.

The correlation…ONYX (formerly M-PC) by Obsidian Controls (the controller division) of Elation Lighting.

Hope this helps, and @Matthias, I hope I represented you and Elation correctly.