LightJockey Clean Install On New PC (90702055 LightJockey Universal DMX box)

Hello everyone I’m new on these forums so please bear with me, I have the Legacy Hardware 90702055 LightJockey Universal DMX box with a Windows 7 Enterprise 64Bit PC with the Martin Light Jockey (MLJ) installed, not really sure which version but I think it was the 2.95.3… Everything was working fine until the PC stopped booting… after hours of troubleshooting I just decided to install MLJ on a new PC also running Windows 7 Enterprise 64Bit, so I successfully installed MLJ 2.95.3 on this new PC but the problem that I’m having now is that I’m missing all the sequences I had saved on the other PC and they’re quite a lot and I need them! I have the hard drive from the damaged PC and I’m able to access it I just need to know where the sequence files are stored and just load them on the new PC… is that possible anyway?? please help me how importing sequences work I’m so desperate!!!

Hello ,
Could you boot Lightjockey from the old hard drive connected to your new computer and save a copy of your previous show to your new desktop ?