LightJockey How Do I Set Up Manual Control/Override?

I am a DJ and I work in a club regularly. They use Martin Lightjockey 2 software to run the lights.

The guy who is employed by the club to operate the lights is not the most helpful person when I ask him questions about lighting (despite me talking to the owner about him). I think he is worried he will lose his job if he helps anyone! :grinning: And he is often late for work so I sometimes need to manage the lighting myself.

Anyway, the question I need answering is this:

When he is not there and the regular lights are all running normally (automatically) I sometimes need to operate the (single) strobe manually. How do I do this? Once I used to press the space bar and it worked but I think he has disabled this function.

Also, I would like to have one key to toggle a complete blackout (except for the strobe of course) off and on.

Are these things simple to set up?

I have read the manuals and watched youtube videos but I can’t find out how to do any of this.

Thanks for any help/advice you can give!

Dont know how much you have worked with LJ
But quite simple, first you must have the seq. That you want.
The strobe seguence you already have, since it worked before :slight_smile:
For the blackout etc. You need to create seq. That looks like you want. So if you wants everything go black. Create a seq. Where you turned shutter or intensity off on all lights, and save it
Then you need to activate “hotkeys enabled”
And then edit hotkeys so you get the function on the button you want.
Make shure you put the shortcut on Seq. Flash. Which automaticly override everything as long as you press the button!

Good luck

Look in the Help file (a link to Help is in the menu of every LJ window) for “Hotkeys”.

You can create a hotkey for common functions (like blackout, toggle or momentary), as well as for existing sequences (such as “strobe”).

In the LJ main window, in the Setup menu item, there is “Edit Hotkeys” and “Enable Hotkeys.”