LightJockey & M-PC on same PC, and One-Key licence questions

So I read in some some of Martins official documentation (can’t remember if it was a web page or pdf document now) that LightJockey and M-PC can’t happily coexist on the same PC however it did say that there was a fix on the way. Has this issue now been resolved?

Also, I plan to have LJ installed on two different laptops (main and backup ready to go) with identical installs and user libraries but I noticed on the CodeMeter website that the licencing software uses hardware signatures. Does this prevent the use of LightJockey on multiple (but obviously not at the exact same time) computers or does Martin not use the hardware signature feature? I’ve searched the old forum but couldn’t find an answer to this.

Will the One-Key dongle and the M-DMX work via a powered USB hub? The main laptop I use only has two USB 3 ports and I would like to keep one free if possible.

Many thanks

To be clear, then latest LightJockey II for One-Key installer will coexist with the latest M-PC.

But the old LightJockey II without One-Key WILL NOT coexist with M-PC.

This is due to the way the DMX driver communicates with the software. Since late 2015 driver signature rules has changed in Windows to a more secure system. But that upgrade meant some older code won’t work anymore. The old LJ without dongle is therefore incompatible with the new driver signature requirement.

Hi Paul.

Than you for clarifying the LightJockey and M-PC coexistence situtation. :slight_smile:

Do you perhaps have a response to the follow up question about being able to use the One-Key on multiple machines? I’d like to be able to have a backup laptop running and ready to go (with same user libraries etc), should the main laptop decide to take an impromptu break, and swap the M-DMX and One-Key to the backup laptop and continue with that. Is this possible? (I’d test this out myself but I don’t have the One-Key yet and all the versions of LJ I’ve used in the past have been pre-One-Key).

Many thanks.