LightJockey on CAPTURE

Hi all,
I am running LJ 2.110 on windows 10 Laptop. I also have CAPTURE 2021 on the same laptop.
I am trying to connect LJ to CAPTURE via the “External Links” However, the external link option is grayed out.
How can I activate this option.

LightJockey can not talk to Capture on the same PC, as LJ does not send out Art-Net or sACN. You would need a secondary PC and hardware to convert DMX to Ethernet data.

Oh ok, thanks. I loaded LJ on a second Laptop How do I activate it?
Hardware meaning the DMX dongle?
And this will “un-gray” the option to link capture?

I have licensed “Martin” LJ onekey on the first windows 10 PC (latest version). LJ works fine and out puts to lights.
I have a licensed Copy of Capture Quartet on a separate PC.
I picked up a DMX to Ethernet adapter.
I pugged the DMX adapter into the LJ node. Then plugged the other end of the Ethernet cord into the computer running Capture. No data is getting from LJ to Capture.

Is there anything else I am missing?


Please reach out to Capture support and/or the device manufacturer of the DMX to Ethernet adapter. LJ sending DMX to fixtures means its working correct.