Lightjockey protection questions

Recently, I just finished reprogramming an entire show for our local skate center. We run old school neon hoops on dimmer packs, as well as LED effect bars which help light up the ceiling. After creating the show, I made 4 backups which are stored on the computer. Everything works as should. The issue from months ago arose when one of the DJs got a little too comfortable with the software, and somehow caused it to completely wipe itself. Me not wanting to have to deal with the issues of that software, is there any other means of protection I can add to lightjockey to possibly prevent any manipulation of the peograms? Maybe a way to safeguard some of the sequence files so they don’t get deleted? Also, is it possible to move one of the backup files to a flash drive and if so, how do I go about doing that? I understand the programming aspects but haven’t had a chance to dive into looking how to properly protect my shows. Thanks in advance!

Hi, i believe all you need to do is go to System>User libraries> and then make a back up library file and save it to the desktop and copy that to a flash drive, that should give you a good working full back up.