Lightjockey to Onyx questions

Hey guys!

I’ve recently been tasked with moving a club’s lighting control from a legacy version of LightJockey to ONYX.

But I’ve got a few questions regarding the software I haven’t been able to find an answer to.

  1. LightJockey has these “List of Cues” that basically act as preset “scenes” - you load a list of cues and then it starts playing some of those automatically and you can enable/disable cues to change the scene and add/remove elements. Is there something similar in Onyx?

  2. If there’s no such functionality in Onyx, what would be the best way to make Onyx usable for DJ’s while being as simple as possible but still having some options to change up the “scenes”?

(The DJ’s control the lighting at the club, they don’t have a seperate lighting guy, hence it has to be with presets and simple)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: