Lights problem

I just want to share my problem hope that you could help me to solve it… so here is the problem… usually, back in the day i used M-pc to program my light but there is always bug that i have to face it so i decided to change it into Onyx version…But then while i programming the lights with onyx suddenly one of the lights (we have 4 lights ) turned off i’ve tried to reset the light power and re-open the onyx software but there is nothing happened so i thought the problem was in the software so i uninstalled the onyx and install the mpc again…at the first time using the mpc again there is no problem but after 30 min it happens again and after you reset the power things got normal again after about 30 min it happens again… do you think it’s because of the lights or the software ? Thanks…


This sounds more like a problem with the lights to me based on the 30 minute cycle. Or that you are accidentally activating a remote off / dmx lamp off command. Not that I can help much, but what brand and model are they? Is there any link to the unit or documentation you can share. Also, are all lights shutting down or just one2

Problems might be a faulty temperature sensor, bad lamp, bad ballast. You get the idea.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for replying bro… Fortunately, today the light is preety fine it did not break at all during our church service… I think the problem is on the light too… Hopefully it didn’t break again :slight_smile: