Live-TIme: Expected Behavior?

Is there a full list of what Live-Time affects?

I’ve only noticed it lately, though could have always been this way -
“Unit# @ [value]” does not always follow Live Time settings?
If I have a conv. unit in a sub at 65% for example, and then set that unit to 30% in the programmer - it happens instantly, No Live Time at all.

I’ve also noticed some other fixture/attribute changes that don’t respect the set Live Time, but they were harder to pinpoint if it was Live-Time or that particular cheap fixture being picky about fades.

Just looking for some clarification on how its designed to operate, or if maybe I’m missing a setting somewhere.

This is an interesting issue (that I’ve not run into before). However, my best guess is that your submaster issue is an “unwanted feature” because the programmer is essentially cancelling out the HTP “rule” that the submaster lives under.

Other attributes that you may have noticed that don’t follow live time are Gobos, Color wheel, shutter etc. That is because they are set to “Snap” by default.

The main reason for this is that you generally don’t want these channels to “fade” through the different functions - or else you’ll go from an indexed gobo, though clockwise rotation, to stop rotation, just to get to counterclockwise rotation. You’d rather just snap, or jump directly from “Indexed Gobo 2” to “Rotate Counterclockwise Gobo 5”.

Does that make sense?


Yah the other palettes make sense, I wonder if there’s a way to override this when Live Time is >0. And hopefully leave the default behavior when recording a cue.
Its jarring to be busking-in-program and have 5 colors flash through to the one you want. At least a smooth color-wheel ‘fade’ would be less obvious.

The submaster thing is still eluding me. Obviously Programmer should Override the Submaster, but ignoring Live Time is damn weird.

Interesting - Playing more - I have a Sub @ 50% on fader.
I grab those channels is Prog, and hit @ Full.
The channels SNAP to 0% and Fade to 100% in Live Time (4s in this case)
Repeating the same steps w/ Live Time @ 0, the channels snap to full directly. No 0% -> 100% Snap.
So its like the Prog is completing ignoring the Submaster levels when using Live Time.