LJ DMX In not working


I had a problem with LJ DMX In not working on M-DMX w/Martin Key, had a first response from support team, but after that nothing.

So, I decided to buy new LJ/Elation w/small key, and I have a same problem again.
LJ recognize dongles, it lets me configure them, but no DMX In.

I have a show tomorrow, and spend already all day reinstalling, trying different versions, etc., still same problem.
As well, LJ doesn’t restart as it supposed to, I have to restart PC in order to restart LJ.
Tried it on 3 different PCs.

As I already said in my previous post, I 've been using LJ for over 15 years, and never had these kind of problems.
I was wondering if there is some return policy, as I would like to return the product?

Unfortunately, I bought 2 new sets of LJ, one for me one for the club I’ll be working on in January.

Let me know please if there is a way to return the products?


Hi Boris, I replied to your forum post on Nov. 14th, you never replied to me. I do apologize for your issues, but we cannot replicate them and I have not heard of this happening to anyone else recently. If you wish to return your Elation LJ kit, reach out to the Elation dealer you purchased them from, they can handle any sort of returns.

Hi James,

I did reply, but directly from my email address, when I got answer from you, thought it would reach you anyway…didn’t know I can answer only on Forum.
So, I apologize for that.

Regarding problem I have, it’s just very frustrating, since I’ve never experienced this kind of issue.

Is there any special way of installing the software and drivers?
The way I do it is that dongles & key are unplugged, run the software, restart PC, connect dongles and key.
I tried installing software with key plugged in as well, but keep getting same results.


The only thing that is new for us is the driver installation, if you are using one of the Elation LJ kits, you should be selecting the 2nd option from the attached picture, the elation License option, other than that, you should be sure you are installing the latest release which is the “setup Lightjockey 2.206.exe” file available from the LJ product web page.

Hi James,

So, I survived last weekend. I used my old M DMX, and was lucky I needed only one universe, so the other one worked fine as DMX In.

I still cannot get other dongles to work.
I have 6 new dongles (NX DMX) and 4 keys (2 Silver and 2 small).
As well, 3 different PCs (2 Dell and 1 Lenovo), all high specs.

I tried different combinations, and this is the result:

  • Light Jockey; use 2 dongles w/key; DMX Out-3 Universes are OK; DMX In doesn’t work
  • ONYX; doesn’t recognize dongles at all, can’t find them in Settings
  • Tried on 3 PCs.

I really don’t know what else should I try, so any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
I have MSD (my show designer) installed on PCs as well. Could this be a problem?
I uninstalled from one of PCs, and still same result.

I’ll be working on Countdown event, covering two stages, and was planning to use ONYX on Main and LJ on Sub.
Is there anything I could try with Windows?


Merry Christmas!